Workshop on Sharing Promising EFA Methods in Asia-Pacific

30 June 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

UNESCO Bangkok with support from the Japan Funds-in-Trust will organize a class on Sharing Promising EFA Methods in Asia-Pacific on 30 06 2014 in Bangkok. The class will bring together representatives from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam, and EFA companions in the region.

Included in UNESCO Bangkok’s project on Speeding up EFA Progress in Asia-Pacific, five country case studies that record and showcase successful EFA endeavours were commissioned. These five countries are Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Philippines and the Philippines. This research gathers evidence on selected promising endeavours that have helped countries in the Asia-Pacific region accelerate EFA progress. Results and lessons learned from these appealing EFA practices and experiences along with promising cases from additional countries will be shared at this workshop.

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