Nationwide Qualifications Frameworks for Long term Learning and Skills Advancement – CLC Regional Conference

CLC Local Conference 19-21 June 2015, Bangkok, Asia

With the theme National Skills Frameworks for Lifelong Understanding and Skills Advancement, this year’s Local Conference on Community Understanding Centres (CLCs) will bring together over 500 regional experts, policymakers, educationalists, health professional, Ministry officials, researchers, municipal society representatives and also other stakeholders from twenty five countries. Participants may share experiences and planned on the linkages and mutually supportive aspects of CLCs, national certification frameworks (NQFs), lifelong learning and skills improvement. The conference will be held from 19-21 June 2013 at the IMPACT Convention Hub, Bangkok, Asia.

The actual conference will feature samples of effective national and regional qualifications frameworks that support lifelong learning and skills development. Too, there will be presentations on successful country experiences with CLCs like a delivery mechanism regarding lifelong learning. Global and regional trends on youth, employment and skills development may also be recognized. On the 3rd day of the conference, the Thailand Workplace of the Non-Formal and Informal Education and learning (ONIE), will organise a study trip to nearby CLCs.

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