First Sub-Regional Workshop on Pre-primary Instructor Development in South-East Asia

1-3 Come july 1st 2014, Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok, Thailand

Around 30 experts from 11 SEAMEO countries will gather in Bangkok to discuss the SEAMEO countries’ achievements and challenges in the field of pre-primary teacher education and professional development and develop a framework for the S.e. Asian Guidelines for Pre-primary Instructor Development.

Southeast Asian countries have made important improvement in the field of early childhood care plus education (ECCE). Several countries developed specific national policies or laws and regulations concerning early childhood, and most countries have developed national ECCE standards or even curricular frameworks. However , equitable entry to ECCE programmes remains a major challenge for all countries, while the quality of ECCE provision has been subject to growing scrutiny.

Well-trained teachers are central to the quality of ECCE, as they can offer child-centred, stimulating and language-rich learning experiences. While there is enormous diversity among Southeast Asian countries in terms of their degrees of development, their awareness of the key functions played by pre-primary teachers plus interest in upgrading their qualifications are now being observed across the sub-region.

Expected Outputs  

–  Good practices, lessons learnt and remaining issues identified and discussed among SEAMEO countries

–  A draft framework for the Southeast Hard anodized cookware Guidelines for Pre-primary Teacher Growth prepared, to be presented to the 37th SEAMEO High Officials Meeting (November 2014).  

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