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ACCA - Asia Cultural Center for Unesco

Who Are We?  Who or What is ACCU?

The Asia-Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO (ACCU) is a non-profit organization for the Asia and Pacific regional activities that operate in line with the principles of UNESCO, working for the promotion of mutual understanding and cultural cooperation among people in the region.

ACCU was established in April 1971 in Tokyo through joint efforts of both public and private sectors in Japan. In July 1971 the resources and activities of the Tokyo Book Development Center (TBDC), which had since its establishment in March 1969 been engaged actively in book development in Asia, were transferred to ACCU.

ACCU has since been implementing various regional cooperative programs in the fields of culture, education and personnel exchange in close collaboration with UNESCO and its Member States in Asia and the Pacific.

Our Vision:

ACCU aims to promote the perspectives of a peaceful and sustainable society where cultural and national diversity is respected, by promoting and lifelong learning opportunities where everyone can participate equally.

Our Mission:

ACCU, in line with the UNESCO’s principles, works hand-in-hand with the people in the Asia-Pacific region to promote inter-regional cooperation and exchange programs, highlighting innovative approaches in the fields of culture and education.  We believe this focus will enhance mutual understanding to the ultimate realization of a sustainable future.

Our Strategy:

ACCU develops innovative children’s and adult learning educational materials in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific countries. These wide-ranging materials, integrated with ACCU’s field experience, serve as effective ways to promote cultural diversity, tangible and intangible cultural heritage preservation, environmental protection, and poverty eradication, particularly among the people and communities in disadvantaged living environments.


Learning with ACCU

ACCU works for the utilization of ICT to function as a clearinghouse for the dissemination, distribution and sharing of innovative and high-quality materials at local, regional and international levels through our data bank and website. Local communities are also beneficiaries of these proactive materials and information.

ACCU provides building opportunities which enable specialists in the Asia- Pacific region to develop effective cultural and learning strategies so as to facilitate the building of a peaceful and sustainable society.

ACCU implements its programs in constructive partnerships with governments, NGOs and educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. It also actively facilitates exchanges and cooperation among scholars, practitioners and students to share the best information and expertise.

Who Participates in ACCU?

Countries Participating in ACCU Programme Activities
1. Afghanistan
2. Australia
3. Bangladesh
4. Bhutan
5. Brunei
6. Cambodia
7. China
8. Cook Islands
9. Fiji
10. India
11. Indonesia
12. Iran
13. Japan
14. Kazakhstan
15. Kiribati
16. Kyrgyzstan
17. Lao P.D.R.
18. Malaysia
19. Maldives
20. Marshall Islands
21. Micronesia
22. Mongolia
23. Myanmar
24. Nauru
25. Nepal
26. New Zealand
27. Niue
28. Pakistan
29. Palau
30. Papua New Guinea
31. Philippines
32. Rep. of Korea
33. Samoa
34. Singapore
35. Solomon Islands
36. Sri Lanka
37. Tajikistan
38. Thailand
39. Timor-Leste
40. Tonga
41. Turkmenistan
42. Tuvalu
43. Uzbekistan
44. Vanuatu
45. Viet Nam