APREC ‘Education (Quiz! ) for All’

In addition to the different thematic sessions, presentations, debates plus discussions on the future of education and learning in the Asia-Pacific, UNESCO also designed for other important activities.

One such activity was the start of UNESCO Bangkok’s Learning to Reside Together Report by UNESCO Bangkok Director Gwang-Jo Kim and the Mouthpiece Minister of Education for Malaysia, P. Kamalanathan P. Panchanathan.

The Report, which examines how 10 countries from the region are using education as a vehicle to promote peace and mutual knowing, also provides a call to action; learning to live together must be fundamental to education and learning beyond 2015.

Another important activity (although significantly less publicised), was the UNESCO reception quiz “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? ”

For the grand prize of claiming victory, UNESCO Bangkok Director, Gwang-Jo Kim, battled UNESCO Assistant Movie director General for Education, Qian Tang on “home turf” in a test of core Education for All (EFA) terms, statistics, facts and numbers, some more challenging than others.

It came down the line for “Team GJ” and “Team TQ” in their teams of five and with the support of an avid viewers, a winner was finally decided in a tie breaker round.

And who was the champion, you ask? It was Assistant Movie director General Qian Tang or “Team TQ” on this occasion, but UNESCO Bangkok Director, Gwang-Jo Kim, on behalf of his “Team GJ” offered a unforgettable stage performance on his guitar being a mark of good “sportsmanship” and in the spirit of Learning to Live Together.

Want to test out your knowledge of EFA in the Asia-Pacific area?   Try the APREC Education for All quiz, click

For more information, please contact Gwang-Chol Chang [gc.chang(at)unesco.org] at the Education Policy and Reform Unit.

Written by Rachel McCarthy

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